Food Festivals

One of the things that makes Austin such a fantastic city is our love of food and drink. In fact, foodies flock to Austin both to open restaurants and bars, and to indulge in all the mouth watering offerings housed within our city limits. It's no wonder that Austin's food and wine festivals are a major attraction for locals and tourists throughout the year. If you're a lover of food (and really, who isn't?), do yourself a favor and head out to the next food and wine festival -- you'll be sure to go home with a full stomach and a few new favorite restaurants.

Austin Food & Wine Festival

The Austin Food & Wine Festival is the most well-recognized foodie event in the city, drawing Austin's best chefs, sommeliers, brewers, and bakers, as well as famous food professionals from around the world. Big name Food Network stars like Andrew Zimmern and Masuharu Morimoto participate in live seminars. Guests are welcome to sample from over 35 restaurants in the Austin area. Live music, complimentary drinks, and book signings all contribute to the festival's celebratory vibe.

Austin Wine & Music Festival

The Austin Wine & Music Festival once took place in one spot on one day of the year. It has since shifted its focus to the wineries themselves, so that guests can enjoy the wines (and live music) right on the land where the grapes were grown to make it. Thus, the "festival" actually takes place over a series of events throughout the year. Spicewood Vineyards, Flat Creek Estate, and Stone House Vineyard are just a few of the participating wineries. Only local music and local wines (and a few local beers) are served at these events.

Gypsy Picnic

One of the best things about eating in Austin is that it doesn't have to be that expensive. In fact, some of the best food around comes from the city's food carts. Each year, the best carts gather together for the Gypsy Picnic food festival, which includes a cook-off and live local music. If you haven't been on a tour of all the food carts in the city, this is your opportunity to do so without breaking the bank -- or your belt.

Mediterranean Festival

The Mediterranean Festival is one of the most popular food and wine festivals in Austin. It combines homemade, authentic Mediterranean food, wine, crafts, music, games, and traditions over a weekend in October. Enjoy foods and wine native to Lebanon, Palestine, Greece, Eritrea and Romania while immersing yourself in the rich cultural traditions of these countries. This festival was rated as one of the top 10 food festivals in Central Texas by the Austin Chronicle.

Live Fire!

The Austin Food & Wine Alliance now supports the Austin Food & Wine Festival but also holds their own events, including the one-day event Live Fire! This foodie mini festival is focused on all things barbecue, including the wines of the Hill Country vineyards. Famous local chefs show off their talents, while live music plays and guests, of course, chow down. One of the most fun-filled food events in the Austin area, and a great reason to venture out to the beautiful countryside.