Welcome to Austin Wine Bars

Over the past few years, wine has become something that can be enjoyed by everyone. Although wine was once reserved for those silver haired moneybags, it's eased its way into mainstream culture, and nowhere is that more prevalent than in Austin, Texas. Austin's laid back culture combined with its young, sophisticated vibe has created the perfect foundation for a wealth of both upscale and down home places to sip.

The wine bars of Austin are anything but stuffy. From houses converted into bars where the dress code includes flip flops and your pooch is welcome, to neighborhood hot spots serving up wine with contemporary twists on comfort classics, the scene is welcoming whether you know a pinot noir from a pinot grigio. Most of the wine bars also host happy hours, where you needn't have deep pockets to enjoy a fine glass of wine.

The locals have traveled the world and chosen Austin as their home, and as a result the cuisine and wine choices are eclectic. By visiting the wine bars, you'll have the opportunity to taste vintages from all over the globe -- so while you may stay seated in one place, your tastebuds will become globetrotters. Whether you're living in Austin or just passing through, if you visit one of the wine bars you're sure to have a memorable -- and tasty -- experience.